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Yellow nail syndrome

Other Names for this Disease
  • Lymphedema with yellow nails
  • YNS
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Your Question

Has a genetic cause of familial yellow nail syndrome been discovered?

Our Answer

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Has a genetic cause of familial yellow nail syndrome been discovered?

The exact cause of yellow nail syndrome remains unclear.  There have been reports of several members in the same family being affected with this condition and also reports of children being affected at young ages.  These reports have been used to suggest the possibility a genetic component to yellow nail syndrome.[1]  However, the possibility of a genetic cause for yellow nail syndrome remains a subject of debate, as most cases of this condition occur by chance in individuals who do not have a family history of this condition.[2][3]  Unfortunately, because there are so few cases of familial yellow nail syndrome, there is limited information and currently no known research about possible genetic causes.
Last updated: 1/12/2012

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