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Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)

Other Names for this Disease
  • CRBM
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  • Has there been any genetic link found between Noonan syndrome and cherubism? I have both, and no family history of either condition. My front teeth feel like they are being compressed and it is very painful, but nothing I read about cherubism mentions pain; is there information anywhere about this? Are there any good resources, or is there any research, that you could direct me to for more information? Click here for answer

  • I have cherubism. I was diagnosed at age 3 and had the tumor surgically removed at age 13. Then I had implants placed for permanent teeth at age 20. Today I live normally. My main concern and reason for contact is: I'd like to know more about the cause of cherubism. How or why did I get it? There is no history in either of my families of cherubism. What are the signs and symptoms of cherubism? Do my future children run a strong risk? Can I be tested to see if I am a carrier? If I find that I am not a carrier can they still turn up with the disease? Is there prenatal testing available for cherubism. As you can see, I am mostly concerned for the future of my family. I do not have kids yet, but do plan to. Click here for answer