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Chromophobe renal cell carcinoma

Other Names for this Disease
  • ChRCC
  • CRCC
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Your Question

Is chromophobe renal cell carcinoma a slow-growing cancer, a fast-growing cancer, or both?  I know woman who was just diagnosed with this and I was told the mass was large.

Our Answer

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How quickly does chromophobe renal cell carcinoma develop?

There is limited information on how quickly chromophobe renal cell carcinoma develops.  It is often difficult to determine how quickly a tumor has developed, because each individual tumor is unique and the speed of growth can vary among tumors of the same type.  One study examined 6 chromophobe renal cell carcinomas.  Of these, four were classified as slow-growing and two as fast-growing.[1]
Last updated: 8/8/2012

Are chromophobe renal cell carcinomas usually large when they are diagnosed?

Chromophobe renal cell carcinomas (RCC) are often larger than other types of kidney cancer at the time they are diagnosed.  Though large size is generally a sign that a tumor is more concerning, many chromophobe RCCs are thought to be less aggressive than other types of RCC.[2][3]
Last updated: 8/8/2012