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Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)

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Other Names for this Disease
  • Mitchell disease (formerly)
  • Primary erythermalgia
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Your Questions Answered

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  • I suspect that I have erythromelalgia. What kind of doctor diagnoses this disorder? Could you explain the difference between primary and secondary EM? Is it known what causes the genetic mutation that leads to this condition? Is EM caused only by the mutation of this particular gene or do they suspect other causes as well? Click here for answer

  • My otherwise healthy adult daughter has just been diagnosed with primary, idiopathic erythromelalgia based on extensive blood work ruling out other diseases.  Her feet become hot and red when wearing socks and closed shoes for exercise and sometimes when her feet "dangle" for an extended period of time.  She does not experience any pain. Her dermatologist has told her the cases she has seen have always had pain.  Is there any way of knowing when pain commences--months, years, how long?  Is it possible that this will just manifest with heat and redness?  Will continuing to exercise and being in a hot environment cause the flares that are now pain free to speed up the onset of pain? Click here for answer

  • I suffer from erythromelalgia. I recently began to take gabapentin without much relief. Can this medication successfully treat erythromelalgia? What other treatment options are available? Click here for answer

  • My daughter and grandchildren have erythromelalgia. I have noticed that the frequency and intensity of their flare-ups increases when they eat pre-packaged and manufactured foods. I have also noticed that when I cook from scratch my grandchildren are flare-up free for longer periods of time. Is there any funding out there to help me start some research on the effects of cooking naturally for children with this condition?
    Click here for answer

  • How do doctors test for erythromelalgia? I have flare ups on my hands, feet, and face. Click here for answer

  • I have been diagnosed with erythromelalgia, and received a prescription for mexiletine.  I noticed on the patient information sheet that it said that this medication is an anti-arrhythmic used to treat irregular heartbeat.  Have you heard about mexiletine being used for erythromelalgia? Click here for answer