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Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)

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Factor V Leiden thrombophilia


* Not a rare disease
Other Names for this Disease
  • APC resistance, Leiden type
  • Hereditary resistance to activated protein C
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Your Questions Answered

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  • I just found out I also have a MTHFR homozygous A1298C mutation. (the C677T mutation was NOT detected.) What does the combination of these two mutations mean for treatment and further testing recommendations? Click here for answer

  • Wondering if there is a connection between factor V Leiden and breast cancer? I have read that many people with breast cancer have factor V Leiden, but wondering which came first? I have asked many people and no one seems to have the answer. Click here for answer

  • I am heterozygous for a factor V Leiden mutation. I was on oral contraceptives for 10 years before trying to get pregnant. After two miscarriages, I was tested and I found out that I had this condition. I saw where you discuss oral contraceptives; but I didn't know if an IUD such as Mirena may be safer to use than an oral contraceptives? Click here for answer

  • I have factor V Leiden and was wondering if it's safe to use oral contraceptives. I want to take the pill called Levlin. Click here for answer

  • What is the name of the test that would be used to diagnose this condition? Is there more than one test? Most importantly, how accurate is this test for both positive and negative results? Click here for answer

  • I was recently diagnosed with factor V Leiden. It was found when I needed surgery on my right ankle, which just broke without injury. I was on Coumadin, a blood thinner. Then two months after surgery, my left ankle broke in the same exact spot again just from being on crutches. The same bone broke at the exact spot on both ankles, so I started asking questions. My orthopedic surgeon said because of the factor V Leiden I was getting blood clots in the capillaries going to that section of my bone. The effect was of course bone death and breakage. I would like to know if my doctor's claims could be plausible. Click here for answer

  • My grandmother on my dad's side has two copies of the factor V Leiden gene mutation. I have one copy. Do I need to go and see a hematologist to get on blood thinners, or is there really nothing that they would do since I only have the one copy? Also, if I have one copy does that mean that my father has two copies of it or could he possibly have only the one copy as well? Click here for answer

  • My husband has factor V Leiden. How could he have this when nobody else in his family has it including his parents? Is this disorder always passed down or can it skip a generation? What is the chance that our kids will have it? Click here for answer