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Gardner syndrome

Other Names for this Disease
  • Gardner's syndrome
  • Intestinal polyposis, osteomas, sebaceous cysts
  • Polyposis coli and multiple hard and soft tissue tumors
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Your Question

All the information I've seen on Gardner syndrome is about polyps; I can't find anything about bony growth in this condition.  I have a bony growth in my neck that is completely surrounding a nerve.  Where can I find information and help about this?

Our Answer

We have identified the following information that we hope you find helpful. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What are the bony growths associated with Gardner syndrome?

The bony growths associated with Gardner syndrome are called osteomas.  They usually occur in the skull or jaw bone (the mandible), but they can occur in any bone of the body.  They grow continuously but slowly, and they do not spread to other parts of the body, which means they are considered a benign tumor (not malignant).[1]  Osteomas usually do not cause symptoms.  However, an osteoma can be removed by surgery for cosmetic reasons or if the osteoma begins to interfere with normal movement or function.[2]
Last updated: 2/22/2012