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Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)

Other Names for this Disease
  • HGPS
  • Hutchinson Gilford progeria syndrome
  • Hutchinson Gilford syndrome
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How might progeria be treated?

Management for progeria generally focuses on the signs and symptoms of the condition and may include the following:
  • Exercise, diet modification, and medication when the lipid profile becomes abnormal
  • Frequent small meals to maximize caloric intake
  • Oral hydration
  • Use of shoe pads for foot discomfort due to lack of body fat
  • Use of sunscreen on all exposed areas of skin
  • Nitroglycerin for angina
  • Routine anticongestive therapy if congestive heart failure is present
  • Statins for their putative effect on farnesylation inhibition
  • Anticoagulation therapy if vascular blockage, transient ischemic attacks, stroke, angina, or heart attack occur
  • Routine physical and occupational therapy to help maintain range of motion in large and small joints[1]

Although there is currently no cure for progeria, research involving treatments is ongoing and scientists have been making much progress. The results of a recently published phase II clinical trial provided preliminary evidence that lonafarnib, a farnesyltransferase inhibitor, may improve cardiovascular status, bone structure, and audiological (hearing) status in affected children.[2] A free, full-text version of this study is available on PubMed and can be viewed by clicking here.

Last updated: 11/19/2012

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Management Guidelines

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Clinical Trials & Research for this Disease

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