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A rare, genetic, endocrine disease characterized by defect in conversion of cortisone to active cortisol, resulting in ACTH-mediated excessive androgen release from adrenal glands. Premature adrenarche is typical with precocious pseudopuberty, proportionate tall stature and accelerated bone maturation in males, and hirsutism, oligoamenorrhea, central obesity and infertility in females. Imaging studies may indicate adrenal hyperplasia.
Estimated Number of People with this Disease
In the U.S., this disease is estimated to be fewer than


What Information Does GARD Have For This Disease?

Many rare diseases have limited information. Currently GARD is able to provide the following information for this disease:

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When do symptoms of this disease begin?
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Genetic Disease

Cortisone reductase deficiency is a genetic disease, which means that it is caused by one or more genes not working correctly.

Disease causing variants in the following gene(s) are known to cause this disease: H6PD, HSD11B1



All individuals inherit two copies of most genes. The number of copies of a gene that need to have a disease-causing variant affects the way a disease is inherited. This disease is inherited in the following pattern(s):


Last Updated: Nov. 8, 2021